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The storm is coming
Everyone can be prepared for the occasional thunderstorm. That thunder in the distance can quickly become much worse than that. We’re ready for that moment.

Specialized equipment and training for operating in hazardous weather conditions.

Dedicated volunteers with years of various public safety experience.

Partnerships and planning with a host of response organizations and agencies.

Always actively monitoring incidents and weather for Immediate response.

How it all started


StormPoint Founder Russell Bradshaw responds to numerous disasters as an amateur storm chaser, a volunteer firefighter, and a deputy sheriff and always wants to do more to help.

January 2016

StormPoint’s founder follows the case of missing 2 year old Noah Chamberlain in Tennessee who’s body is found after a week of searching in freezing temperatures near his home.

March 2016

After weeks of thinking about Noah and another spring severe weather season approaching… The overwhelming feeling of doing something to help turns into an ambitious idea and planning for StormPoint begins.

April 2016 - 2017

Russell trades in his personal vehicle for a 4×4 truck and spends thousands on gear and equipment to respond to  weather disasters and missing persons. The entire project remains self-funded while the need is proven and plans are developed.

August 2017

The sole StormPoint truck and team member drives into Houston just as Hurricane Harvey starts reeking havoc on a wide area of Texas. An important new tool, an enterprise drone, is used by StormPoint for the first time for search and rescue and mapping. 

Sep 2017 - Dec 2017

After several weeks of working Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, StormPoint’s founder is flown into Puerto Rico the day after landfall of Hurricane Maria and assists there for several months with storm surveys and disaster relief.

2018 - 2019

Several business partners join together to help the StormPoint project move forward. New drones and equipment are purchased and StormPoint begins filing paperwork to become a full non-profit organization. At this point StormPoint has responded to dozens of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and missing persons.


New team members join the project. StormPoint is granted federal non-profit status. Several government agencies partner with StormPoint to actively respond to emergency incidents on a regular basis.